Smoky Valley

Nothing seems to disappear faster than a plate of Cher-Make summer sausage. That's with good reason. We start with the highest quality ingredients, and finish with traditional hardwood smoking techniques. There are lots of new ways to serve this all time favorite!

Just slice and you are ready for a great snack anywhere or anytime! (Don’t forget to remove the casing!) Cher-Make Summer Sausage is perfect for party trays, appetizers, on crackers . . . of course with cheese or just piled high between two slices of your favorite bread . . . don’t forget the mustard, mayo, butter or just plain is fine too!

24/5oz Spicy Beef Sausage
24/5 oz Italian Beef Summer Sausage
24/5 oz Beef Summer Sausage
24/5 oz Tomato & Basil Sausage
24/5 oz Roasted Garlic Sausage