Breakfast - Gourmet Gift Basket Supplies

Shop healthy, pantry-friendly breakfast food that is ready to eat or make

Start your day off right with a delicious breakfast gift basket from Imperial Food! Our gourmet breakfast food and beverages are the perfect way to start any day. Enjoy the taste of Dutch waffle biscuits, ready-to-eat with coffee, hot chocolate, or breakfast tea. Or try something new with Swedish pancakes, thin as crepes and fluffy as pancakes, perfect with waffle syrup or fruit preserves. And for the chocolate lover in your life, Imperial Food's artisan chocolate mixes, blending smooth chocolate with mocha, truffle, and caramel, are sure to satisfy and energize. All of our breakfast items come pre-made or in convenient, easy-to-prepare mixes - perfect for busy households, office pantries, and food services. Give the gift of a delicious breakfast with Imperial Food's breakfast gift basket.

12/ Too Good Gourmet Assorted Holiday Tea (6 count)
48/1.1 oz. Stonewall Kitchen Waffle - Assortment
Assorted Cocoa Amore (Case of 48 1.25oz packets)
C0403 Assembly Assorted Cocoas
24/2.3 oz Cherrington Caramel Waffle Cookie
24/2.3oz Chocolate Waffle Cookie
30% off best by 08/22/2023 24/2.3 oz Cherrington Caramel Waffle Cookie
CH2201 Clearance
30% off best by 08/24/2023 24/2.3oz Chocolate Waffle Cookie
CH2202 Clearance